Featured items in Xeller

Featured items

You can assign featured (best sellers, on sale etc.) categories and items to show on homepage.

Item options in Xeller

Item options

Offer customisations to your catalogue items e.g., size, quantity etc. for an extra price.

Discount coupons in Xeller

Discount coupons

Easily create criteria based coupon code and offer discounts to your customers.

Promo banners in Xeller

Promo banners

Shout out for newly added items or anything on your online menu's homepage.

Hotspots in Xeller


Generate dynamic QR codes to put on tables, elevators etc. and automatically tag orders with a spot.

SMS notifications in Xeller

SMS notifications

Customers get automatic, real-time SMS notifications about their order status and tracking.

Responsive in Xeller


The store management panel is 100% mobile friendly so that you can work from anywhere.

Customizable in Xeller


Modify colors, add your logo and choose desired URL for your online catalogue anytime.

Secure access in Xeller

Secure access

You can create separate accounts for your staff with limited access and decide what they can do.

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